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Pipe rehabilitation

And action! Short video about the successful completion of a construction site in Unna

Using state-of-the-art technology and trenchless rehabilitation, our D&S Rohrsanierung successfully completed a construction project for the municipal utility.

Click here to watch the video!
The sewer system in the sensitive area of the track system at Unna station was in urgent need of rehabilitation. Our Gelsenkirchen subsidiary made use of the know-how of D&S Rohrsanierung for this demanding project. Thus, the installation of the pipe liner was carried out by RELINE EUROPE and RELINE UV-Group with the support of our Italian affiliate ROTECH Srl.
SMG Bautenschutztechnik GmbH from Lage was commissioned separately with the civil engineering work and developed a technique especially for this application in order to produce the appropriate geometry for the installation of the liner.

Many thanks to all involved for the successful cooperation. We hope you enjoy the video!