The D&S Group

At a glance

D&S was established as a construction company in 1921. Today the family-run group with its head office in Mannheim has approx. 4,000 employees working in a technical and service capacity. It is one of several tradition-steeped companies found in the Rhine-Neckar, Rhein-Main, and Dessau-Leipzig-Berlin regions and also operates successfully abroad.

D&S is a recognized partner of business, municipal authorities and industry when it comes all sections of construction, including sector-related areas:

  • structural engineering/turnkey construction (residential/business/administration/commerce)
  • industrial construction/civil engineering
  • underground-, road-, track- and pipe construction
  • trenchless rehabilitation of sewer lines
  • development and production of robotic systems and technical components
  • gravel extraction and the processing of ready-mixed concrete and production of lime malm brick in its own manufacturing plants

On the service side, several subsidiaries have likewise been operating successfully for many years:

  • project and property development of mixed-use large-scale objects (residential, office, retail and commerce)
  • the development and running of serviced properties (serviced homes for the elderly, in- and out-patient care, hotels) along with the turnkey direct marketing/letting thereof
  • facility-, property-, center- and retail management