Compact Pipe

The product

The compact pipe is manufactured as a standard pipe with the respective wall thickness corresponding to the standard DIN 8074. The product is already manufactured at the factory with the bend, which is typical for this procedure.
Therefore the HD-PE pipe is axially folded in a C-shape under defined conditions.
For reasons of winding and mounting, the fold is on the side of the pipe. The consequential reduction in cross-section of up to 35% considerably facilitates the insertion into the pipeline to be rehabilitated. Depending on the nominal width, several hundreds of metres can be wound on a drum, installed and expanded.

The field of application

Compact Pipe is suitable for the rehabilitation of water pipes, industrial pipelines, gas pipes and sewer pipes made of materials such as steel, cast iron, ceramics or concrete. In a nominal width range from DN 100 to DN 500.

The installation

In the compact pipe procedure a HD-PE pipe, preformed in a C-shape at the factory, is inserted into a cleaned reach. During the further process, pressure and heat then provide the close-fit connection of the inliner to the inner wall of the old pipe due to the so-called memory effect.

Die Vorteile

The close-fit lining system is particularly advantageous where the inaccessibility of the postures, high traffic densities or costly superstructures prohibit renovation using open construction methods. Renovation with Compact Pipe is renovation with the quality of a new installation. The result is a statically independent and resilient pipe that effortlessly meets even strict economic criteria. Other advantages include the short installation time and the fact that, in contrast to open pipeline construction, excavations are generally not necessary. This means that the adverse effects on residents, pedestrians and road traffic are kept within acceptable limits.


Further procedures