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UV Liner - light in the pipe rehabilitation

D&S ROHRSANIERUNG has complemented its wide range of products with a tube liner cured with ultraviolet light. Hence the company disposes of all the currently applied methods using either steam, water or ultraviolet light to cure the tube liners.

No matter whether the profiles are circular, angular or egg-shaped, the procedure can be used in defective sewer systems for practically all common cross sections of pipelines in a nominal diameter range from DN 150 to DN 1 200.

After the insertion of a sliding film and the installation of the so-called packer at the liner ends, the tube liner, impregnated with a resin at the factory, is drawn with the aid of a rope winch into the reach to be rehabilitated and then erected by means of compressed air.

The subsequent curing with ultra-violet light is completely monitored at the light source by a TV camera. After the required leak test, the pipeline section can normally be taken into operation on the very same workday.