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Robotics – accurate and with millimetre precision

The name KA-TE stands for the highly professional rehabilitation of sewer systems with nominal diameters from DN150 to DN 800. The range of application includes protruding, broken-out, recessed inlets or inlets to be closed, axial and radial cracks, off-sets, holes, shards, solid deposits, obstructions, root intrusion and defective pipe collars, the joining of a house service connection to the collector by using a sheathing technique and the opening and fixing-in of inliners.

D&S ROHRSANIERUNG has been using this high-tech product for more than 15 years and is now the world's leader considering the great number of units in operation.

The core of the hydraulically operating system, which can also be used in case of a faintly pressurised groundwater ingress, is a self-driving carrier. The control of the functional units takes place via video camera from the renovation truck. KA-TE robots have a capacity of round 6 HP and can be equipped with different tools.

Compared for instance with the short liner procedure, the advantages of the system are particularly obvious in the elimination of cracks and shards as well as the rehabilitation of pipe collars. This is one of the strengths of the KA-TE robot, the enormous milling capacity of which has a substantial share in the workmanship as well as in the service life of the rehabilitation.