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CP-ZA 2012 Top-Hat Profile

The joining of house service pipes with cap sockets creates a watertight connection and prevents infiltration. The cap socket is a resin-impregnated liner with collar.

Positioning robots facilitate the installation of the cap sockets from the main collector in nominal widths from DN 200 to DN 800 in the connecting duct or the house service connection and provide a force-fit joint. The result, after the curing of the cap socket, is a leak-proof connection. This technique can also be applied when branches do not meet at right angles with the main.

The trenchless connecting of branches is even possible in pressureless PE pipelines due to a specifically developed cap socket.

This cap socket is provided with a PE collar, which is welded by means of a heating spiral to the existing PE pipe. The resin-impregnated cap socket, firmly connected with the collar, is then inserted into the connection through a flexible balloon and cures.