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Superheated Steam Liner – steady and stable

Inliner procedures differ in the way of installation, the type of resin and the texture of the tube.

A needled-felt tube is impregnated with an epoxy resin before being installed and is calibrated under control.

Once the impregnation - taking place under vacuum - is completed, the flexible tube is Rehabilitation inserted by inversion into the prepared reach with the aid of air pressure. As soon as the installationSteam Linerheated steam.

The curing time is between two and four hours. A needled felt tube is suitable for dimensions from DN 150 to DN 500. The wall thickness depends on the static requirements. A GRP inliner is impregnated with a UP or a VE resin at the factory. The shelf life is up to three weeks depending on the type of resin and of the dimension. Important: the storage temperature must not exceed 18° C. The GRP inliner is inserted on a slide film into the pipe to be rehabilitated, calibrated with compressed air and then cured with superheated steam while observing an exact heating curve.

The curing takes between three and four hours. The procedure is suitable for the nominal diameters from DN 150 to DN 1 200. The finished product meets high quality standards especially as far as the chemical resistance and the static stability are concerned.