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Underground Pipe Rehabilitation – sound rehabilitation of underground pipes

The professional rehabilitation of underground pipes is gaining more and more importance - last but not least because of the regulatory framework. This is likewise true for house service lines in the private sector as well as for pipelines under industrial plants.

DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL ROHRSANIERUNG possesses the professional know-how and an efficient technology to economically and durably rehabilitate defective pipes at the premises in the ground or under the structure. Different procedures, techniques and materials such as Intec-Drum, DS Industry- Liner, DS Liner Gun, Short Liner and Flexoren Relining are available. In addition, products of Easy-Liner or the MaxLiner are most suitable for being used in bends.

The rehabilitation procedure with the Intec-Drum shows to what extent the application of the D&S technology is space and energy saving. This is an optimal technique for renovating defective house service connections with a nominal width from DN 100 to DN 250 and for reaches with a length of up to 30 m. A flexible textile or needled felt tube impregnated with polyester or an epoxy resin is inserted into the pipe to be rehabilitated via existing revision shafts or openings by using the inversion method.

With the addition of compressed air, the tube is firmly applied to the pipe covering and stabilising at the same time cracks, shards, leaky sleeves and roots. After only a few hours' curing time, the material is close-fit to the old pipe. Finally, the KA-TE milling robot 150 - adapted for nominal widths from 134 to 300 mm – opens existing inlets and branch pipes.