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Manual Rehabilitation

The term manual rehabilitation includes any technical rehabilitation work executed by hand such as injections, coatings, the fixing-in of house service connections, the restoration of flumes and benches, the sealing of sockets, the re-profiling or the mounting of prefabricated elements.

Shaft structures and structures for the draining of sewage made of brickwork or concrete with a nominal width > 800 mm are permanently subject to particular stresses and strains. The possible damage patterns such as leaky pipe joints and house service connections, cracks and pipe fractures or corrosion lead to the ingress of ground water and the escape of sewage water.

The described damage patterns can be sealed by setting injection packers and grouting with fast foaming injection resins. Then the damage to be rehabilitated are professionally prized open and repaired with PCC mortars.

The regulations for the rehabilitation of structures are the Additional Technical Conditions of Contract and Guidelines for Civil Engineering Works ("ZTV-ING") and the data sheet RSV 6 issued by the Association for Pipe Rehabilitation.