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D&S Hose Relining

In the D&S procedure a flexible tube is inserted by inversion into the pipeline to be rehabilitated by means of compressed air and cemented to the internal wall of the old pipe with a solvent-free two-component adhesive.

The method is applicable for the rehabilitation of gas, water and wastewater pressure lines. The advantages: Low construction costs due to minimal civil engineering works and a short construction time as well as a construction progress without any considerable inconvenience for residents
and road traffic.

As soon as the start and the target pit have been built and the pipe put out of operation, the rehabilitation section is prepared by cleaning it at a maximum water pressure, the internal pipe wall is inspected by TV camera and the existing house service connections are calibrated. Then the tube is filled with a two-component adhesive on a special application table and guided through a defined roller clearance into the inversion drum.

The processing time at an average temperature is about 65 to 70 minutes. At the exit of the inversion drum the tube is reversed and introduced, with the adhesive now on the outside, into the start pit and into the pipe to be rehabilitated. A device at the end of the pipeline prevents the tube from an uncontrolled shooting into the target pit. Upon completion of the inversion process, the tube has to cure in its new environment.