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DS Short Liner - quick and efficient

Innenansicht Kurzliner-Anlage

The product
The DS short liner is a procedure for sewer repair and is especially appropriate for sealing and supporting the stability of sewer sections. The result of the rehabilitation with the short liner decisively depends on the pre-treatment and the quality of the used materials. One preferably utilises support materials of FRP which are impregnated with a methacrylic resin and provide an installation which is safe and reliable.

The field of application
The procedure can be applied for defective sewers whether circular or egg-shaped in every current line material and cross section between DN 100 and DN 800. The defects to be rehabilitated are in particular cracks, shards, missing wall parts and leaky pipe joints.

The installation
As soon as the preparation and the cleaning of the place to be rehabilitated are done, the FRP support material is impregnated with methacrylic resin (MMA) and mounted on a packer. After the positioning (controlled by camera) of the packer at the damaged spot, the packer system is supplied with compressed air and expands to the size of the internal diameter of the pipeline.

TV-Überwachung Kurzliner-Einbau

The short liner is thus pressed against the wall of the old pipe and cures under constant pressure. At the end of the curing process the pressure of the packer is released, the packer system is withdrawn and removed from the pipeline. The damaged spot is rehabilitated and the finishing work can begin (opening the branch, camera documentation).

The advantages
Especially the adhesion to wet surfaces is one great advantage of this system and the utilised materials. Moreover, the time to work the resin is quite long and takes more or less 25 minutes considering a curing time of approx. 40 minutes. Our D&S short liner also allows the rehabilitation of long sections, as a chemical amalgamation of the short liners takes place during their overlapping. And in addition the product has a high resistance against a multitude of chemicals, acids, bases, oils, greases and detergents.