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DS City-Liner – economic and flexible

In the pipe rehabilitation with the DS City-Liner®, a PU coated needled felt tube is soaked with an epoxy resin, under defined conditions, in a mobile impregnation station at site directly before the installation and is then calibrated under control.

Subsequent to the impregnation, which is carried out under vacuum, the tube is inversed into the prepared reach by means of water pressure. The curing of the epoxy resin system takes place while heating-up the water used during the inversion.

The result is a product, the standard and quality of which comply with the high requirements of an impregnation at the factory.

The advantages of the mobile impregnation station are quite obvious: contrary to the other rehabilitation methods, where the tube is already impregnated when delivered to the site, this method provides a maximum flexibility. Unexpected incidences at site can be dealt with under control just as possible disruptions during the building progression, for instance, changes in dimension and mass.

And the transport of a non-impregnated inliner does not cause any logistic problems at all. An additional guarantee for customer and user is: the product holds the "Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung vom Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik (DiBt)" (General approval for building supervision of the German Institute of Structural Engineering).